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Why Anxiety is Taking The Better Part Of Most People?

Anxiety has caused most people more than they could imagine and I think it is time to overcome it.

Anxiety is a feeling that has affected virtually everyone at least once in a lifetime. The bad thing about anxiety is that it greatly affects your daily activity, and in some cases might be the reason for some illnesses.

There is a wide range to which anxiety can come into play. You may feel anxious approaching a stranger because you don’t know how he (the stranger) would react to your approach. You may be crushing on someone and dying inside silently because of the fear of how the person would react. Feeling unimportant is another anxiety that has affected a lot of people. As a matter of fact, most of the suicide cases we hear about are a result of anxiety.

Personally, I have missed out on a lot of good things in the past because of this awful feeling. I remember some years ago when I attended a business seminar organized by some top guys. Among these business gurus, there was one I knew quite well that could impact my career greatly if only I could approach him for a little discussion. I was so scared to death approaching him because I felt I was unimportant to him and I wouldn’t be able to cope with a rejection if he turned me down. There are a ton of similar cases to this but I’m glad because I have been able to overcome anxiety.

Talking about being unappreciated… Did you know that feeling unappreciated is another part of anxiety? Yes, quite a number of people have this feeling and unfortunately, it has stopped them from achieving some good things of life.

Anxiety Is Just A Trick

Anxiety is just a mind trick

The day you start seeing anxiety as a mere trick is the day you will start to see the full beauty of life. Often times, I like to refer to anxiety as a robber because it has robbed people of good things of life. Anxiety can easily steal your joy by creating that impression in your mind that you are unloved. Anxiety can isolate you from other people because you are worried that you’re not so good to be with people and you’ll make a mess of yourself if you interact in public.

Anxiety has tricked a number of people in relationships. That feeling that makes you believe that you’re the only one showing love in a relationship. You get mad and depressed most times thinking that people are not being fair to you and you are trying too hard to please people. They are all mind tricks that can destabilize your mind and in turn affect your productivity.

You always feel bothered whenever people are staring at you because you believe they are judging you already. I could bet that 99% of the time you feel this way, you are wrong. You need to understand that everyone has issues bothering them and yours is the least they’ll think about. You get scared leaving your home because you believe all eyes are on you and you get worried about it? No, they don’t care much about you because they already have bunch of things to care about.

You are leaving your life to please people just to get their approval? It is high time you realized that you can’t please everybody and start living your life to the fullest. Life’s too short to be worried about what people would say. All that matter is to make sure you are doing the right thing. The feeling that people hate you is just a trick and if you fall for it, life might become miserable for you.

Get Out Of Anxiousness and Live the Happy Life

Overcome anxiety and live happily
Overcome anxiety and live a happy live

As a Christian that I am, there is a part of the Holy Book that intrigues me whenever I come across it. Philippians 4 Vs 6. Paraphrasing, it says we should worry over nothing in our lives but hope for the best because your worry won’t change anything, instead it will make matters worse. I want you all to adhere to this same principle because it will help in life.

Overcome the tricks of anxiety and live the happy life nature has in store for you. Life is too short for you to be worried about people’s opinions about you. It is good to take corrections, but when you start doing things just to get people’s approval, that means you are not living your life.

Do good the best way you can, love people around you, appreciate the good things people do for you, but never let anyone dictate how you should live your life. You’ll discover the beauty of this world if only you could do things for yourself and not rely on people’s opinions.

Thanks for reading this piece and I hope it makes sense to you.

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