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STD Also Stands For Spiritually Transmitted Demons: Save Your Body And Soul

There is also spiritually transmitted demons. Save your body and soul by avoiding sex with random people

I was reading a friend's status on WhatsApp and what I saw prompted me to write about Spiritually Transmitted Demons.
According to what she wrote on her status, she said aside transmitting diseases via sex, there are other spiritual implications attached with sex.
If you are still in doubt about the fact that the spiritual controls the physical, then you have to wake up from your slumber. There's a spirit world, and what happens in the physical is just a manifestation of the spirit world.
Since I am religious person, I believe so much in the supernatural and I believe there's a higher being controlling the universe in the person of God. There are some certain things we do in life that affect us spiritually.

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The Power of Sex

There is more to sex than what most people think. I noticed that when two adults keep having sex over a long period of time, they start resembling each other. I know most people have noticed this also. This is to tell you that sex is powerful and it has a way of affecting one's life.

One common consequence of having sex randomly with different people is the risk of sexually transmitted disease. Although most of these diseases can be cured, it may take some time and also cause discomfort. In some cases, if not properly handled, it might lead to other complications such as infertility.

There is another common consequence of random sex but unfortunately many people don't know about it or don't even believe it. It is called Spiritually Transmitted Demons. Yes, you heard me correctly… Through sex, you can easily share some spiritual traits with the person you had it with. I have seen a number of cases and I have also seen a lot of people ruin their lives by having sexual affairs with multiple partners.

Another thing about having multiple sex partners is that it can make you lose focus. No doubt, sex is a beautiful thing and the pleasure derived from it is out of this world. But you have to be careful about it because it is also capable of ruining your life. Discipline is the key. As a man or woman, sticking to your spouse is the best way to enjoy sex. With this approach, you save yourself from STD (sexually transmitted disease) and STD (spiritually transmitted demons).


I urge you to see sex more than just the ordinary. Sex is spiritual. Avoid having multiple partners so you can avoid the risk of contacting spiritually transmitted demons as well as the physical STD. Stop distracting yourself with multiple sex partners because it won't do you any good at all.

Note: This is just my personal opinion and it is very okay if you disagree with me. But even if it's just an opinion, I'm strongly convinced that having sex with random people is not a good thing and there are implications that come with it.

I'd be glad to hear your opinion about this topic. Do you think there is any spiritual implication connected with sex? Use the comment box below and let us know what you think about this topic.

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