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Sharing Some Of My Life Experience As An Adult – An Exciting One to Read

Hello to y'all, welcome to this article as I will be sharing with you part of my life experience.

My name is Justin Owena and I am pleased to share with my audience some of my life experience and how I was saved from untimely death.

Few things I'll be talking about…

  • My life aspiration
  • Getting what I wanted in life
  • How things changed dramatically and almost cost me my life
  • How God saved me from kidney problem and helped me to rise up on my feet again
  • My new journey of life

Part of my life experience – My life aspiration

The world we live in is a wonderful place and a lot of things are happening everyday.

In life, we don't always get what we want all the time, and in some cases where we get them, tragedy may strike to cut short our joy. This is a similar scenario to my life experience.

While growing up as a kid, my greatest aspiration was to become a soldier boy. This thing got into my head at an early age and I began to act as a soldier already. All the dresses I wore as a kid were in the form of combat dress and I so much fancied it.

After my high school, I decided to further my education in a university before joining the military. Fortunately for me, I got admitted to study physics in the university and it was a wonderful experience for me since I thrive in calculations.

After four years in the university, I graduated with a beautiful result that can push me to any level I want to be in life.

Now, moving to the next stage of my life experience…

Getting what I wanted in life

Now, to the next phase of my life experience…

After graduating from the university, I had to go through one year of service to my country. I volunteered to teach in a school and I thought grade 12 physics and mathematics, preparing them for their final exams.

After my 1 year service, I was privileged to work with an engineering firm for about two years and the experience I got from it was awesome.

One fateful day, I was surfing the internet and I came across a news that talked about enrolling young graduates into the Nigerian navy. At first, I didn't pay too much attention to it because I was carried away by an interesting post I was already reading online. But of a sudden, something struck my mind and I rushed back to the vacancy news to check the requirements for enrolling into the military.

Lo and behold, my specialization was needed and I applied for the position of Hydrographer.

Few months later, a written test was conducted and I was among the selected few that did excellently in the test. Thereafter, a physical screening test was also conducted and I scaled through.

After about 2 months, I received a later that I have been shortlisted into the Nigerian Navy and the resumption date is two weeks ahead. I quickly made all necessary preparations and I got myself ready to begin training. Indeed, it was a dream come true for me and I was so exhilarated about the whole thing…

Unfortunately, my joy was cut short by a life-threatening tragedy…

How things changed dramatically and almost cost me my life

A day before the resumption date for training, I got all my necessary stuff ready and my backpack was set for the journey. It was a 4-hour journey for me so I had to wake up early the next day to embark on the journey.

My troubles started just immediately I got to the camp as I wasn't given any time to rest before the drilling started…lol

It was a horrible experience I must say and in my widest imagination, I never thought it would ever be that way.

Barely a month into the training, I started feeling feverish but didn't want to make any complain to anyone. It got to a point that I couldn't bare it anymore and I had to speak out. Unknowing to me, about 20 other cadets were having similar symptoms and we were all taking to the healthcare center for diagnosis. Voila! It was Renal Failure and according to the doctors, it was caused by prolong dehydration that made the kidney to almost pack up.

How God saved me and helped me to rise up on my feet again

The issue was so serious that during the course of treatment, I lost two of my course mates. We were giving intensive treatment and my recovery process was faster than I could imagine.

After spending about 2 to 3 weeks in the hospital, we were later discharged and declared feet to live our normal lives again.

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On getting back to the training ground, the Commandant of the camp called for a parade and the 21 of us that went for the treatment were advised to withdraw from the training.

No doubt, that day was, and it's still the worst day of my life. I was so mad with myself and I got fed up with life. I believed my world has crumbled already and there was nothing more to live for. For about 2 months I wasn't myself. My parents and siblings did there best to comfort me but it was difficult for them because I wasn't ready to listen to anyone.

After a while, I thought to myself that I can't continue living in pains all the rest of my life. I took out time to pray to God for the next step of my life and I was glad I got an answer from my Father (God).

My life experience – my new journey of life

After months of mourning, I decided it was time to rise up to the challenge of life and face what's ahead of me. I decided to explore the online space to see if there's anything I could do.

I started as a freelance writer on freelancer and upwork websites. It was not easy for me at the start but with time, I started getting used to it.

After some months of writing, I came across a training program that's focused on making money online through affiliate marketing. I gave it a shot and the experience was worthwhile. I went on to learn more about blogging and I was able to come out with this amazing website that you are on right now….

Conclusion of my life experience

This is part of my life experience and I hope you learned one or two things from it.

My take from this is that in life, we don't always have what we want. But in any case, we should be able to turn things around for ourselves regardless of the challenges we face.

Thanks for taking out time to read about my life experience.

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Justin Owena
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