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Did You Know That Physical Fitness Boosts Brain Function? Find Out More

physical fitness boosts brain function

Study has shown that physical fitness boost brain function

You must have heard that physical fitness is a very good thing to the human system but I bet you haven’t heard of its impact on the human brain.

One of the greatest researches of all time just concluded a study and it was discovered that physical fitness boosts brain function. Can this really be possible? Read on to see if physical fitness boosts brain function.

Over time, it has been proven that engaging in physical fitness helps in influencing the human mind.

A lot of studies have been carried out to back up this claim. For example, physical fitness can help fight depression, and can also reduce the risk of dementia.

Regardless of your age, physical fitness can positively boost your brain function and keep your mind in good shape. This is backed by countless numbers of evidences.

Going further in their studies, they found out that the brain structure can also be affected by physical fitness.

The scientists involved in these studies made a publication in Scientific Reports. They made it clear to the public that there’s still some limitations from previous studies.

For example, some scientists are claiming that lack of physical fitness can result in high blood pressure. Now, if it is true that physical fitness is associated with cognitive abilities, it is possible to also argue that cognitive abilities can be boosted if one has lower blood pressure.

It is to be known that the brain has different sections that carry out different functions. This study is limited to only the memory function of the brain.

Taking Another Fresh Look

physical fitness boosts brain function
physical fitness boosts brain function

Just to be sure that this finding is authentic, a group of scientists from University Hospital Muenster, Germany, are looking for ways to bridge the gaps. They carried out an experiment by using a group of healthy people. Their aim is to find out if there are links between higher cognitive power, brain structure, and physical fitness.

Part of the reasons for carrying out this test was to find out whether the link between physical fitness and cognitive ability was connected to white matter integrity.

White matter in the brain relays messages between disparate parts of the brain and coordinates communication throughout the organ.

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To investigate, the scientists collected data from the Human Connectome Project, which includes MRI brain scan from 1,206 adults with an average age of 28.8.

Some of these participants also underwent further tests. A total of 1,204 people took part in a walking test, and they were made to walk as fast as possible in two minutes. The researchers noted the distance.

Around 1,187 people also too part in cognitive tests. In all, the researchers assessed the volunteers' intellectual faculty and judgment, among other parameters.

Astonishing Results

physical fitness boosts brain function
physical fitness boosts brain function

From the outcome, it was discovered that the people who performed excellently in the 2-minute walk also did well in other aspects but for the cognitive test.

They concluded by saying that physical fitness is a healthy practice everyone should engage with because it helps to improve the brain function and other vital organs in the body.

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