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  • There's a million people that aren't as fortunate as you are and need your help.

  •  Joining Gofounders is the first step to you  becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be.

A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Freedom

Who is The Founder of Onpassive?

 Ash Mufareh is the founder of Onpassive. Mr Mufarah is a university trained master information technology professional. He's spent about 20 years advancing technology and e-commerce as a marketing expert. He is a very successful businessman, an absolute visionary and a self-made multi-millionaire.

Mufareh is an american family man that loves hiking fishing and swimming. Mr Mufarah is the man that came up with a revolutionary idea to develop a radical new business model that's going to serve as a solution for the world's online marketing space. It's pretty much based on a three-pronged approach to success, and it guarantees that success for its members. The model is called on passive.

What are Founders?

Founders are the early adopters of the new radical ideas that birth Onpassive. They are the people that paid $97 to obtain a founder position within Onpassive, as such they engage in a lot of activities for the company, like beta testing everything in the Gofounders platform to include systems used for marketing and money flow, as well as programs that make up Onpassive digital ecosystem etc.  In short, founders are people that paid the price of admission because they either understand Mr. Mufareh's vision or they are entrepreneurs willing to take the preceded risk of joining Onpassive. Either way, they're Onpassive's first line leaders. They are considered to be the top one percent of the company and cooperatively sharing efforts to build and shape the company. To further define the founder, there are two types;

The primary early bird founders: These are the first round of people to join go founders at the cost $97

The secondary early bird founders: The word secondary here is simply a frame of reference describing a founder that has paid an increased cost, which incidentally has not happened yet to purchase a founder position. At this time, there are no secondary founders yet because Onpassive is still in the pre-launch stage.

After the marketing campaigns begin, the price increase will take effect the same day. This means everybody joining co-founders through the campaigns before onpassive opens to the public by paying the increased price will be placed in the primary founders teams as secondary founders. i.e, instead of paying only $97, he will pay about $146).

In sumarry, primary founders are those who join before the marketing campaigns with a fee of $97, secondary founders are those who join during the marketing campaigns with a fee of $146. Once the company is launched to the public, you can no longer become a founder.

What is Onpassive?

Onpassive is an information technology company. It is an IT company. it is developed and owns its online marketing platform. That platform is a Total Internet Solution (TIS) for solving real world challenges by providing:

(1) Every tool needed to run any online business automatically.

(2) By eliminating the need for online marketers to recruit or sell.

 (3) It provides a radical pay plan that gently forces a perpetual growing success for its members.

 The parent company of Gofounders, ONPASSIVE, is expected to open later this year to the public. Its mantra is "A.I with Herat".

What are Members?

Members are people that join Onpassive or Gofounders by any means available - The primary founders that join before the marketing campaign start are members, secondary founders that join during the campaigns but prior to Onpassive opening to the public are  members, buyers and resellers that join after Onpassive opens to the public are also members. In short anyone that joins Onpassive is a member. Next, logically, you'd probably ask, how do members earn? That takes us to the section.

How do Members Earn?

Well, because Onpassive has every right to choose how to compensate its members, its income is shared with resellers (which includes founders) as compensation for ongoing work done to build the company by growing its subscription base and according to agreements that have been made prior to launch. This is to say, both buyer and reseller  are a source or channel for monthly profits coming into Onpassive from the sale of Onpassive products through their monthly subscription. This channel is actually akin to a four-lane highway because there are four subscription levels, and they have more products and profitability as their levels go up. As stipulated by the pay plan, a portion of these profits are shared with certain members like founders and resellers to produce an income for them. The compensation provided on any particular account is residual for life as based on the compensation table which is available for review inside of Gofounders as long as the account is active. To review the specific payout amounts, you're going to have to access the pay plan through the back office. That means if you're not a member, you're not going to see the current pay plan.  Inactive accounts aren't going to be paid either. They include accounts that are not current regarding monthly subscription fees and accounts that have been either suspended or deleted. This takes us to the next question, Why should I join Onpassive?

What is Gofounders?

Gofounders is a platform owned and operated by ONPASSIVE. It is one of the many departments to help make Onpassive an online marketing giant. It is hosted at gofounders.net as a stand-alone platform that houses a community of Onpassive founder-mebers by providing tools to manage teams, communicate with each other, and to communicate with Onpassive.

Gofounders as a department in Onpassive was established in 2019, and it provides an avenue for focus, information, and connectedness to its founder base. These tools include fully-functioning contact managers, a social media platform, technical support, marketing material and a host of other tools used by the founders to help build and shape the company.

Gofounders has two mantras: All Done For You and In It To Win It. 

Why should I join Onpassive?

(1) To enhance, expand, and enjoy your life more.

(2) You join it because you got a ton of other stuff that you want to do before you die and this is the best way to achieve the financial freedom to do them.

(3) You join it because you love your family and your friends and you want the very best for them too.

(4) You join it because there's a million people that aren't as fortunate as you are and need your help.

(5) You want to join it because it's going to make you happy, and joining Gofounders is the first step to you  becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be.

And finally, the next question that comes to your mind is, How do I join Gofounders?

How do I Join Gofounders?

Use the "Join Now" link below to become a founder in Onpassive and change your future for good.

Few months from now, you'd want to see me in person just to show your appreciation for introducing you to this life-changing opportunity.

Use the button below to join and become a primary founder.

What to do After Joining?

Well, you can sit back and relax while you make some hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, but I wouldn't recommend that for you. I recommend getting as many people as you can in your team prior to the campaign starting and certainly before we open publicly. Remember, each founder you recruit will have a team built and becomes an income stream for you. They in turn can begin to fill their teams with founders. They will be filled with founders as a matter of fact. That means your team will be filled with founders even if you don't get people to fill your team. You earn by not doing anything. But the more you have in your team, the bigger your paycheck is every month.

Again, anyone you bring in prior to our opening to the public is going to have teams built for them. So, the more you have in your teams before we open to the public, the more rapid and robust your success is going to be. Think about this one thing -  10 people in your teams prior to Onpassive public debut will do in six months what it would take otherwise about five years to accomplish.

In conclusion, we're looking for leaders with integrity and that would certainly show that you have yours fully intact. However, whatever you decide to do, I really wish blessing upon blessing for you and for your entire family.


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After joining, you can reach me via Whatsapp: +234813188640. In case you don't have a Whatsapp number, you can send me an mail via my personal email addresss: odafeowena@yahoo.com.


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