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Mom And Daughter Look Like Siblings – Their Beauty And Resemblance Has Gone Viral

Mom and Daughter look like siblings and Netizens can't Stop Admiring Their Resemblance and Beauty

Internet users are agog by the astonishing beauty of a mum and her daughter. Even with a 23 years difference between them, these two will pass as sisters without any doubt. 

You know, there is a special connection between a mother and her daughter because they have a lot of “woman” thing to share and discuss about. This is not different from the story of these two we are about to share in this article.

Joleen Diaz, a 43 years old woman is been celebrated on the internet for her astonishing beauty despite her age. She has a 19-year old daughter named Meilani Parks,  and despite mom being older by 23 years, it is hard to know that the relationship between them is “Mother-to-child.” Most people are finding it difficult to believe.

Mom and daughter look like siblings
Mom and daughter look like siblings

They even make matter worse for the doubters by spending most of their time together. People admire them as “siblings” and this is causing a stir on social media already. To know that she's older than her daughter with 23 years is making it hard to believe.

Looking at the photo above, can you even tell who's the mother and who's the daughter? I know some people will find it difficult to distinguish….. They look so much alike, and to even know that they have similar interests makes it intriguing.

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Mom and daughter look like siblings
Mom and daughter look like siblings

Some people couldn't hold it anymore and they decided to find out what could be responsible for Joleen youthful look and ravishing beauty. Her response to the question is Healthy Living. According to her, she tries as much as possible to take enough rest, doing exercise, and eating healthily. She said she doesn't do alcohol and she can confidently say that her lifestyle is superb.

From what The Sun gathered from Joleen, she attributed her youthful appearance to quality skincare practices. She has also introduced her daughter to the same practices, hence, the reason to the good thing we are beholding in these two.

Joleen had Meilani at a young age and she made up her mind to be very close to her daughter. And being an elementary teacher, it was easier for her to be close to her daughter. She was determined to build a very close relationship with her and it is great to know that her desire came through.

Mom and daughter look like siblings
Mom and daughter look like siblings

Although it is lovely for a kid to be raised by both parents, it is not a criterion for one's happiness. Joleen was solely responsible for taking care of her daughter and she ensured that she did her very best to give her the best of life. Just from the photos above, one could easily tell that they are happy people full of life.

Using the last photo as our point of reference, can you really tell who is the mom and who is the daughter? See if you can differentiate them by using the last photo. Who is the lady on the cropped top and who is the one on the short? Share your opinion by using the comment box below.

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