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Mariah Carey Reveals The Secrets To Her Anti-Aging Beauty. Smooth And Wrinkle-Free Skin At 48

Mariah Carey Reveals The Secrets To Her Anti-Aging Beauty

Mariah Carey reveals the secrets to her anti-aging beauty and this is wroth sharing with people…

No doubt, Mariah Carey remains one of the few celebrities who still maintain their looks even at a much older age. It is shocking to know that at 48, she still looks almost the same as she was in her 20s. This youthful look has caused virtually everyone to be her fan.

Some time ago, while responding to an interviewer, Mariah explained that one of the reasons why she ages gracefully is because she pays no attention to what the calendar is saying.

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Quoting her exact words way back in 2015, “I think I have to remain eternally oblivious to age. Honestly, when you put a number on it yourself, it’s just like, Why? Why do that?”

Just to prove to you that she pays no attention to age, she got married to Nick Cannon, a man eleven years younger than her. She sees age as a mare number that adds little or nothing to one’s life. Mariah doesn’t even pay too much notice to her birthdays.

According to her some years ago, “I don’t celebrate birthdays. I celebrate anniversaries.”

So, does it mean she’s looking young just because she doesn’t pay attention to her age? Of course not.

There are beauty tips that help to keep one younger even at old age, but you must accept the fact that aging is something no one can alter. And as you age, the wrinkles start showing, but there are beauty tips to help give you the younger look even at old age.

Entertainment Tonight compiled a list of beauty tips from Mariah Carey and converted it into a “Playbook”. She talked about one of the most popular hint of staying wrinkle-free – that is by wearing sunscreen. Other tips she gave were kind of weird. For example, going for a massage that involves biting your back. To understand how this type of massage is done, watch the video below. She also shares other beauty tips in the video below.

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