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7 Makeup Tips To Save Money – Look Good Even On Tight Budget

Makeup Tips to Save Money and Still Look Gorgeous 

This article is focused on revealing some makeup tips to save money even with a tight budget.

The fashion and beauty industries are experiencing a dramatic revolution and one thing that is now very common among the female folks is makeup. These days, it is rare to see females going out for occasions without applying a level of makeup.

As a matter of fact, there are some set of people who can’t step out without wearing makeup. Their happiness is somewhat dependent on their makeup. While to some, makeup means no much to them and they can stay for weeks without ever thinking about it.  

Now, for those who enjoy wearing makeup, you will agree with me that creativity plays a huge role in the makeup industry. Knowing how to play with colors and your application skills matter a lot.

Makeup is not something that is overly cheap if you truly want to get involved in it. You need to engage in a shopping spree and make sure all the necessary kits needed are available to you.

Speaking to a female friend of mine, she confided in me that she used to go for makeup shopping on a regular basis, but cut down on it when she started giving birth. While to some, it doesn’t matter if they are still single or married, makeup is a thing they cannot do without.

And you know something about makeup? Once you start wearing it, you’ll want to graduate from the level you started to a more expensive level. But when kids start coming, your financial responsibilities will increase and you will find it difficult to keep up with the expensive products.

If you are having a limited budget on makeup because of more responsibilities on you or you just don’t have much to spend, this article is for you as I will be revealing to you some essential makeup tips that will save you from spending much and still look gorgeous.

Below is a list of my 7 makeup tips to save money even with a low budget:

Makeup Tips To Save Money
Makeup Tips To Save Money

7 Makeup Tips To Save Money

Tip #1 – Pay good attention to skin care

This is the first advice I’ll give to anyone that is into makeup. Taking care of your skin is a priceless quality and no amount of makeup can compared to it. Dry skin, enlarged pores, blemish, etc must all be taking care of if you want makeup to look good on you. Your makeup may amount to nothing if the quality of skin care is poor. If you must invest on anything, it ought to be on top-notch skin care kits and you must use them on regular basis.

Tip #2 – When buying your loose or pressed powder, go for a darker shade and mix with some talcum powder

This is another essential tip most people don’t know about. Going for a darker shade and mixing it with talcum powder to get the appropriate shade saves you some money. Your powder will last longer and you will still get your desired results with it.

Tip #3 – For smoother application, mix a small quantity of high-grade moisturizer with liquid foundation

I learned about this tip from a friend of mine some years ago and the effect is super amazing. Doing this will save you from buying foundation regularly since the quantity you use each day is less when compared to the normal method. With this, your foundation can last for up to a year. Remember, this article is focused on spending less on makeup and still get an amazing result.

Tips #4 – Don’t use your fingers to apply cosmetics, get a brush for this

I believe you should know why I added this tip to my list. In case you don’t know, I’ll still pardon you…lol. If you use your fingers (which doesn’t even look good), you’ll be wasting a whole lot of your makeup which will eventually be washed away. But with a brush, you will use the right quantity needed and apply it on the exact spots.

Tip #5 – Go shopping at the right time

Are you wondering what this could mean? Don’t worry I’ll explain. Majority of the stores that deal on makeup kit usually have time they offer discount on their products. This can go for as low as half the amount of the original price. Why do they do this? Just to clear off older inventory and stock with new products. If your shade is not among those up for discount, you can go for the “too bright” ones and mix them with the lighter shade you own already to get your desired result.

Tip #6 – Play with colors

There are many things you can achieve with colors if only you’ll learn how to experiment. You may even go as far as mixing items such as blush, eye shadow, and nail polish to create a new color. This can give you a different look or even your favorite shade without spending any extra money on more colors.

Tip #7 – Visit your local cosmetic stores for a courtesy make over

Yes, some cosmetic stores render this service to their customers knowing fully well that they (the customers) will buy one or two products before leaving the store. This tip is essential especially if you want to give yourself a different look for special events.

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These are my 7 makeup tips to save money while still looking. You should also understand that you can still patronize your pricey brands and still save money. The key to this is creativity.  Do not settle for what you know or read alone. Play with colors, carry out different experiments and you’d be amazed on the number of things you can achieve.

These are just some few tips I felt like sharing with my audience. If you have one or two tips to share also, do so by making use of the comment box below.

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Thanks for reading.

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