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Improve Mental Health Care! Suicide Rate Is Becoming Alarming

There is need for us to improve mental health  because it is a critical situation the world at large needs to look into. Why? Because the rate at which suicide takes place is on a steady increase.

This is a call for every nation to intensify their mental health care, paying more attention to the tragedy that's befalling mankind. Employ more manpower to be able to attend to people's need and give the staffs adequate training to handle any mental related issues.

All age groups are suffering from this menace, but one that really catches my intention is the one among the youths and college students.

In America, suicide is one of the top 10 major causes of death, second most common among college students. Our concern is not just about the United States, it spreads across the globe.

As we take care of our body, we must also remember to feed our minds with things that will edify our soul. Get motivational words via Podcast, YouTube or any from any other platforms you could think of. While the society is trying to help out on this, every individual needs to help himself/herself to stay positive.

Just a few days ago, I read about how a fresher in a college committed suicide just because his academic performance wasn't as good as he had expected.

Another common one between the youths is relationship breakup. I have read quite a number of articles where a guy or a girl drank deadly substance because of heartbreak.

Right now, the world is full of challenges; either in financial form, depression, or any other forms you could think of.

Are we going to fold our hands and watch this unpleasant situation ravage our society? It is time for everyone to be his/her brothers keeper. Yes, the mental health care has a huge role to play on this, but we need to join hands together to curb this unwelcoming situation.

Another one is the social media. Not everything you read or see on social media should be taking serious. Some people are out there doing things that would mount pressure on you to succeed. Not to misunderstand me, it is good to challenge yourself to succeed, but when it is done under pressure, often times it leads to depression.

All institutions need to have well-functioning counseling unit that will help to tackle any issues that may lead to suicide. This way, we help people to build a resilient spirit that will enable them withstand the test of time.

And you know the funny thing? just one word or kind gesture is enough to save a soul from committing suicide. A suicide note from a young teenage girl that died a couple of days ago read, “NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME.” How touching this could be…

The words that we speak have the power to do two things; to edify or to destroy. You may never know the extent to which your kind and caring words have helped people in their lives. Likewise your hurtful words. Please let's learn to speak words that will do good in people's lives instead of leading them to depression with our awful words.

My Final Thoughts

I call on the world to, as a matter of urgency, look into the rate at which suicide is rampaging the world. This rate has been on a steady increase and it will keep shooting higher if adequate measures are not put in place.

The mental healthcare units of all nations need to work tirelessly to put an end to the recurrent news of suicide. Create the awareness that you are ready to speak or counsel anyone who's going through any form of emotional trauma.

As for me and you, know that any difficult situation you are going through is a matter of time. See your challenges as a trial time and believe that you will definitely overcome. This has kept me going and it will get you going as well if you develop this mindset.

Let's join hands together to fight this ugly menace, and I know that if we do, the issue of suicide will be reduced drastically.

If you have any contributions or word of encouragement to add, please do so by using the comment section below this post.

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To a world free of suicide.

Justin Owena
A passionate writer and a travel enthusiast. I get exhilarated writing from different locations.

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