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How to manage type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure Within Few Months

How to manage type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure? Read how this man tackled his problems

How to manage type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure? Diabetes is a deadly disease that's been claiming lives for ages. Although there are claims that it can't be cured completely, a man has revealed what he did to help save himself from this disease.

A sixty-nine years old American has explained how he tackled his diabetes. Most overweight people are prone to diabetes. This implies that weight management can help to fight the emergence of diabetes.

What did the American do? He lost 68 pounds of weight and adopted a diet plan that helped reduced is insulin requirements by more than 50%. He adopted only plant-based diet and whole-foods.

The fact that this dietary therapy worked perfectly with only little fitness routine or portion control makes it amazing to people. This was documented in the British Medical Journal.

The retired business director was a staunch smoker and he suffered from hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, high level of potassium and phosphate in the blood, and Stage 3 severe kidney disease. It was a shock to health practitioners to see that within one year, this man was able to experience a dramatic positive result in all these ailments. And this was achieved by just adopting a new diet habit.

How to manage type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
How to manage type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure

In 2017, he was forced to visit his doctor because he noticed his case was getting worse and could lead to death if nothing was done ASAP.

“He go on with a dozen of medications which later led to severe side effects, particularly weight gain,” that was the report he got about his case. “Things got too critical for him when he was diagnosed with hyperphosphataemia… he had a discussion with his nephrologist in which he was told that he might progress to the need for dialysis in as soon as 5 years.”

The man had to take the bull by the horns by joining force with his wife to map out a new diet plan. They took oatmeal for breakfasts, salad for launches, and whole-wheat pasta for dinners. They also included some other menu items to this (see below)

Just after a month and some few weeks, he noticed a drastic improvement in his health. He stopped four of his medications because his glucose level and blood pressure improved. There was also a great improvement in his insulin.

Within another few months, all his dosages for other medications were reduced by more than 50 percent, and his creatinine level (a kidney function test) normalize for the first time in eight years.

“This case illustrates an alternative treatment approach that may be appropriate for select, high motivated patients, using a strict (whole-foods and plant-based diet),” the report read. “This approach may offer effective treatment of (chronic kidney disease) in patients with the common metabolic comorbidities of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.”

The American man and his wife stuck to the strict diet routine, with few exceptions of few weekly restaurant dinners, and barely eleven months after, there was a significant “persistent benefit” recorded, the report read.

Before he adopted the dietary therapy, his meals typically included shredded wheat with coffee for breakfast, lunch of macaroni with meat sauce or grilled cheese sandwich, and “Italian wedding soup” with beans, rice and meatballs for dinner. Aside all these, he also indulged in cheese crackers, peanut and cookies. The only exercise he did was a simple 45-minute walk on a treadmill.

Although it is still unclear if this dietary therapy has any significant effect on chronic kidney disease, there are research supporting the claim that diet therapy such as the introduction of veggies and fruits, and a higher proportion of plant to animal protein will help in the treatment.

The Typical Menu

This is how the American man’s menu looks like

Breakfast – Oatmeal with fruit and flaxseed

Lunch – Beans and kale (greens and beans) cooked in vegetable stock

Dinner – Steamed vegetables cooked without oil and whole-wheat spaghetti

Snacks: at least 2 fresh clementines

Below is the type of plant-based diet and whole foods the American man followed.

Allowed Foods

Whole grains, including whole grain flours

Starchy veggies (beans and potatoes)

Non-starchy veggies

Water, tea and non-diary plant milk

All spices

Fresh fruits (no dry fruits, no smoothies or juices)

ground flaxseed and chia seed

Foods Not To Eat

Refined flours

Dairy foods

Meat (including poultry and fish)

Added pure fats (all oils, margarine, butter)


Vegan ‘replacement’ foods – fake cheeses, fake meats

Predominantly ‘added sugar’ meals (candy, cookies, snack/energy bars, pastries, cakes)

Fruit juice, soda, tea drink, blended coffee, energy drinks and sports drinks

Foods to Eat Sparingly


Dried fruit

Unsalted, dry or raw roasted nut, natural nut butter




Added sweetener (fruit juice concentrates, maple syrup, added sugars)

Refined wheat protein and soy protein

Following these dietary routines will definitely have a significant effect in the life of anyone suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and other underlying sicknesses.

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