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How To Attract Good People? Do These Things And They Will Come

How to attract good people to yourself

It is true that everybody wants to know how to attract good people around them all the time, but there are some things you need to put in place if you really want to get people with genuine intentions around you.

I could still remember the story of a man who relocated to a new environment. For clarity sake, I'll call the man Jacob Anderson. While trying to settle down in the new town, Jacob met an elderly man sitting by the beach side and walked up to him. He told the elderly man that he just moved in to the area and wanted to find out if the inhabitants of the community are good people.

Loaded with life experience, the elderly man in return, asked him a simple question; are the people in your former community good to you? On hearing the question, Jacob replied by saying that the people in his former community were not in any way good to him.

With the reply Jacob gave, the elderly man had no choice than to tell him that the people in his new community would also not be good to him in any way.

The morale? Everyone around you can't be utterly bad all the time, your intentions and and body language has a huge role to play in attracting good people to yourself.

Do these things listed below and you'll be shocked at the number people with genuine intentions you will attract to yourself.

Be true to your word

You want people to build a level of trust in you? then keep to your word. No one likes a “double-mouthed” person. If you talk with both sides of your mouth, no good person would want to stay around you because they can never count on you.

If you know you can't fulfill a promise, never go ahead and make the promise because it could dent your image in a way you may never think of. It's okay if unforeseen circumstances make you not to fulfill a promise, but please try as much as possible to say only what you believe you can do.

Be optimistic

Learn the attitude of being optimistic all the time no matter what the case may be. I know this is not easy, but if you constantly learn to do this all the time, it becomes part of you.

With this attitude, you'll see that most people will like to be around you because they know you'll edify them with your words. With the level of depression ravaging the world today, you will be of tremendous help to people because your positivity will strengthen them greatly.

Memorize names

I'm not sure how this point sounds to you but I sure know that calling people by their names after meeting them in a short time give them a sense of importance.

There's a special feeling I get when I visit an unknown place for the first time and people start calling me by my name within just few minutes. And you know what, I tend to draw closer to that person that calls me by my name because there's a level of trust and likeness I start having for him.

Don't act like you're too smart

Often times, people tend to take smartness as pride. If possible, let them know that you're naive about certain issues so they can want to put you through. While they are putting you through, politely chip in one or two brilliant contributions to the subject matter and see the reaction they will give. This is not stupidity but a nice way of dealing with folks.

Go out of your way to put smile on people's face

You can't please all the people all of the time but you can certainly please some people some time. If it means sacrificing for people sometimes, do it. But there should be a limit to it because you wouldn't want to do things that will affect you in any way.

The bottom line? Make people happy and that's the best way on how to attract good people to yourself. If you do this, be sure of attracting good people to yourself.

Listen to people

If you must attract people with genuine intentions then you must listen to people. Your opinions shouldn't be the final to situations around you. Try to accommodate people's opinions, and by doing this, they will have no option than want to be around you most of the time.

As you know, folks like to hang around people that value and care about them. If you give them chance to express their opinions in vital issues, they will come close to you.

Don't put too much effort in this

While it is good to have good people around you, don't try too hard just to achieve this goal. Let the connection come naturally without you trying to go beyond your norms in achieving this.

With these few points stated above, you should be able to attract good people with genuine intentions and you'll see people flocking around you.

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