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Health Benefits Of Dandelion – They Are More Than Mere Weeds

The health benefits of dandelion are so numerous and it's worth talking about.

A lot of people have been ignorant of the health benefits of dandelion plant and tend to see it as just a stubborn weed. Dandelions are loaded with health benefits that you probably didn’t know about.

Before we look at the health benefits of Dandelion, it is essential that everyone knows what is Dandelion and where it can be found in the world.

What is Dandelion and where can it be found?

Dandelions are flowering plants and are also referred to Taraxacum spp. Of all the species of Dandelion, the Taraxacum officinale seem to be the most common.

Most people see Dandelions as stubborn weeds that grow in their lawn or garden. They often believe that the plant has nothing to offer and tend to spray them with chemicals to get rid of them. If you are one of those who see dandelion as a weed, it will surprise you to know that Dandelions are packed with amazing health benefits.

These flowering plants are found in all parts of the world which makes it readily available for anyone who desires to use it.

For years, dandelions have been effective in the treatment of several ailments such as acne, digestive disorder, cancer and liver disease.

Researchers have taken time to study this wonderful plant. They came to a conclusion that dandelion is a beneficial plant that needs to be preserved for future generations. For this reason, it is important to enlighten the public about the health benefits of dandelion so they can start seeing it as a useful plant.

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Health Benefits of Dandelion
Health Benefits of Dandelion

Did you know that dried dandelion roots are sold and at a very expensive price? There is a reason to that. These plants have the ability to heal several ailments and nourish the human body. For this reason, you don’t have to eliminate them whenever you see them in your garden or lawn.

Below are the health benefits of dandelion:

#1 Health Benefit – Dandelion helps to fight diabetes

Diabetes is a deadly disease that is common in every part of the world. In the U.S., diabetes is responsible for a large percentage of mortality. There are only few ways to control diabetes, and it feels good to know that the dandelion plant is one of them.

Dandelion helps in the production of insulin by stimulating the pancreas, and it does a great job in regulating blood sugar level. It also acts as a diuretic, thus fostering urination. It plays a role in Getting rid of excess salt and sugar in the body and helps to reduce the build-up of excess sugar in the kidney. This process helps to limit the risk of kidney issues in diabetics.

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#2 Health Benefit – It solves skin related issues

If you crave to have a glowing skin, antioxidants and detoxification are two important things to consider. Dandelion contains antioxidant and detoxifying substances that boosts liver function and purifies the blood, thus helping the skin to glow. It also plays an important role in treating skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

#3 Health Benefits of Dandelion – It makes bones stronger

It would be incomplete to create a list of the health benefits of dandelion without talking about the fact that it makes bones stronger. Dandelion is rich in calcium, a major constituent for stronger and healthy bones. Since it also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Luteolin, it prevents bone weakening.

#4 Health Benefits – It is used for cancer treatment

Dandelion plays a crucial role in the treatment of cancer. Studies have revealed that the extracts from dandelion root is used to fight blood disease (such as leukemia) and breast cancer. It induces apoptosis into leukemia cells, without having any effect on the healthy cell. It also plays a huge role by impacting against cancer cells that tend to be resistant to chemotherapy.

 If you were wondering why the root of dandelion is expensive, here is one reason to look out for.

A research was conducted in Canada in 2011, and it was discovered that after using root extracts from dandelion on skin cancer cells, they began to die just after 48 hours. Aside skin cancer, dandelion roots have also shown positive effect for treating prostate and pancreatic cancers.

#5 Health Benefits – It boosts digestion

Dandelion contains inulin and mucilage, two major constituents that allows for an easier food processing. The fiber content in dandelion makes it important in boosting gut flora. If you are having a tough time with diarrhea or constipation, eating the leaves of dandelion might be all that you need to get healed.

#6 Health Benefits – It keeps the liver healthy

Among the top health benefits of dandelions, keeping the liver healthy is one great benefit. This plant helps to heal and nourish the liver. Jaundice (over production of bile that causes problem to body metabolism) is a disorder that is linked to the liver. Dandelion plays a role in regulating bile production and also fosters urination, thus helping to remove excess bile.

The detoxifying power of dandelion also helps to boost hepatic function and electrolyte balance. A study was carried out on mice, and from the research, it was discovered that dandelion slows down liver fibrosis.

#7 Benefits – It boosts the circulatory system

Since dandelion contains high level of protein, iron and B-vitamins, it is a perfect food for anyone who is suffering from blood related diseases such as anemia.

Dandelions act as a diuretic, thus, it helps to regulate blood pressure by removing excess salt from the body system. The fiber content in dandelion reduces cholesterol level, and this of course, plays a crucial role in the circulatory system.

#8 Benefits – Helps to deal with gall bladder issues

The leaves of dandelion, when combined with milk thistle, becomes so powerful that they can flush out gallstone. Gallstones is a disorder in the gall bladder that affects the excretion of bile.

Conclusion – Health benefits of dandelion

The health benefits of dandelion extend from its flowers, leaves, crown, down to its roots. This plant can be taken as root tea, coffee, salad, infused oil, vinegar, juice. The health benefits of this plant are so numerous. There is need for us to spread this information so that it can get to people who barely know the health benefits of this amazing plant.

If you are planning on cutting those dandelions in your garden or lawn this coming summer, I believe with this write up, you should have a rethink.

If only people know what nature has in store for them, they wouldn’t treat it lightly.

Do you have dandelions in your garden and never knew they have all these beneficial properties? Share your experience with us by commenting in the comment box below.

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