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From 300 Pounds to 135 Pounds? Man Determined to Join the U.S. Army

He Was determined to join the US Army

From 300 Pounds to 135 Pounds… Determination was the key

He went From 300 Pounds to 135 Pounds. 

There are just a few things we can't handle or solve in our lives if only we'd be determined and be disciplined. The story of this man should not only inspire you to lose weight (if you have to), but should help your belief system to know that you can do all things.

Right from childhood, it has been Christian Montijo's dream to serve in the U.S. Army. But in life, there are always oppositions that try to stop us from achieving our goal. What's Christians's opposition? His weight.

Christian Montojo is from Florida, US, and he's a father of two. He's been battling with his weight from childhood and this had been his obstacle in enlisting with the U.S. Army.

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It got to a point that he needed to challenge himself. According to him, if he didn't do anything about his weight, sooner or later, he's going to lose his life or spend the rest of his life on wheelchair.

At this time, Christian was weighing 300 pounds. It was a tough journey for him, but he was able to drop 165 pounds within a period of one year. Some of his secrets? He prepares his meals all by himself, completely stopped taking soda, and drank plenty of water.

After noticing a huge difference in his weight, he headed straight to Kissimmee, Florida where the Army recruiting station is located. After going through some tests, he still didn't meet the weight requirement – He needed to lose extra 30 pounds.

According to Christian Montijo, since it takes time before you gain 100 pounds, it's definitely going to take time to drop 100 pounds. Nobody lose weight overnight. It's a process and you must be patient and determined to achieve that.

After going through the tough challenge, he finally got the call he has dreamed of. In few days, he will be going for training at the military training ground in South Carolina.

The Moral

Don't limit yourself because of the present condition you find yourself. There's more to be achieved in life if only you'll take that bold step and challenge yourself.

Christian Montijo could have done nothing about his weight and watch how he'd die because of obesity. He would have missed out of his dreams if he had not challenged himself not to settle for less.

Let's take this as a challenge, not just on weight management, but also in every other aspects of our lives. IF WE CAN THINK IT, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT.

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