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Crazy! She Attracts People by Using Vagina Juice as Perfume

She attracts people using vaginal juice as perfume

It's about a lady who attracts people using vaginal juice as perfume…

This sounds crazy and I was shocked when I first read about this. I didn’t even know there is name for such act. It is called VAGINAL DABBING, also known as Vabbing.

This is a process whereby an individual (of course, a lady) wears her own vaginal fluid on some specific parts of her body such as the wrist, neck and chest, spreading pheromones and using it to entice the opposite sex.

From my findings, pheromones are chemicals that can act as hormones outside the body of the person secreting them. If individuals come in contact with these chemicals, they can impact one's behavior.

A sexologist and social media influencer, Shan Boodram has been making research on this for the past 10 years just to see how effective this works on the opposite sex. She wanted to be sure if truly her vaginal fluid can have any impact on the opposite sex.

To see if this really works, she conducted a short experiment using four females. They wore the juice on their body and headed to a crowded bar. From her research, she could see that people actually drew closer to them but she couldn’t ascertain the main reason for that. She wasn’t sure if the vaginal fluid was at work or it was because of the loud music that was played in the bar.

According to Shan, since there is no health risk on the individuals receiving the smell from the vaginal juice, it was easy for her to experiment. The outcome she got was a mix one: she said when she wears the vaginal juice, there are times when guys like to come around her, while sometimes, she hardly noticed any difference. Although there is no certainty in this whole thing, she said there’s a special feeling she gets whenever she does this because she has it in her head that it actually works.

In my opinion, there’s something mysterious about one’s believe system. If you believe in something, there is this boldness and confidence that come with it and you tend to see things just as you have believed.

But this would be a different case with any lady having an infection such as bacteria vaginosis. The best thing to do is to first treat the infection before ever thinking of wearing your vaginal juice on your body so that you don't kill people. If you go ahead with wearing the fluid without treating the infection, then the reverse will be the case, your vaginal fluid will automatically turn to a repellent.

Has anyone else ever tried this? Please let us know your experience with it…

I know some men are already thinking of how to wear their penile fluids just to see if it will attract ladies to them…lol. I’m not sure if that would work, but if it does, please share with us so others can learn from it…

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Thanks for reading.

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