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Character Over Beauty – There’s More to a Relationship Than Just Beauty

It will always be character over beauty any day, any time and there is a limit to which your beauty can take you to

The world is blessed with a lot of beautiful people and it feels good to behold beauties. However, when considering going into a relationship with the opposite sex, there is more to look out for other than beauty. No doubt, beauty is a major factor for some people, but truth be told, if you have beauty without character, your relationship may be short-lived.

Pleases note that we are talking about physical beauty…

There are billions of people in the world today, and while some are blessed with physical looks, others may not have that same attribute. But everyone is unique in his/her own way and that’s all that matters anyways.

Be Mindful of your Beauty so it doesn’t become your Nightmare

There is nothing you can do to change the fact that it will always be character over beauty. There are some people who think their beauty is enough to get them whatever they want in life. No doubt, your beauty can give you some advantages, but it will almost be impossible to sustain it without character. As a matter of fact, what you carry inside is by far greater than what is outside.

After all, what really matters in a relationship is peace of mind. As a man or woman, being in a relationship with a person with amazing physical attributes is sweet. It boosts your confidence in a way and there’s this sense of “fulfillment” that comes with it. But after a period of time in the relationship, the beauty can easily fade away in your eyes if your partner lacks moral qualities.

I have seen countless number of cases where a “not so looking good” woman got married to good man while the overly beautiful ones find it hard to keep a man. To be honest, everyone likes peace. No one wants to stay or live around a person who gives troubles all the time. I have heard people say that it is better to stick with the “ugly one” that has amazing character than the “beautiful one” with disgusting attitude. Being beautiful is a beautiful thing in itself but see it as a plus and never the ultimate.

The Beautiful ones Have a Point to Proof

Did you know that some people get scared of approaching the beautiful or handsome folks for a relationship? Yes, this is true and it’s been on like this since the inception of human existence. What are the fears? Since this lady is beautiful, the competition from other men will be fierce and my chances of getting her will be too slim. This same reason has been the undoing of some beautiful girls. They think that because they get lots of admiration and advances from men, it gives them the room to act in whatever manner they want. The same is applicable to the well-looking guys.

Have you ever thought about having an amazing physical appearance and crowning it with a sweet character? This is the best thing any man or woman can ask for in a relationship.

Another thing that’s common among the good-looking people is pride. They think beauty is all that is needed in life. If you have this mentality, it’s time you wake up to realize that there’s more to life than your beauty. It is going to be character over beauty any day, so get yourself together and be humble.

Some people have concluded in their mind that most of the beautiful ones lack character. It is your responsibility to proof them wrong by showing them that beauty and character can go together.

Conclusion – Character Over Beauty

I hope I have made some sense to you reading this article… The essence of it is just to let the “beautiful ones” know that it is character over beauty, and it will always be in this fashion forever. Don’t be carried away by your beauty until it causes ruins in your relationship. Remember, the ones you call ugly are happily married and living a sweet life and you’re still drooling over your own beauty. While it is a sweet thing to look appealing to others, it may be short-lived if it’s not backed by good moral standing.

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