How I Make $7,000 Monthly With a Software That Requires No Technical Skills and 100% Newbie Friendly (See Proofs Below...)

I believe you landed on this page because you wanted to know about a better alternative to Crowd1. I want to share my story of how fortunate I was to have come across a better way to earn income online after my not-so-good experience with Crowd1.

You see, a lot of us joined Crowd1 because we were trying to create more income streams and add more money to our bank accounts. When they introduced me to Crowd1, I thought it was the perfect business model I was looking for to better my financial status. I invested about $800 in Crowd1. Although my investment was not so huge, I believed it could turn out to become something profitable in a short time.

The person who introduced me into Crowd1 didn't explain the business to me in the right way, all he was concerned about was the money he will make if he succeeded in getting me into the business. Although Crowd1 still has the potential of becoming big, I wasn't looking for a company that will keep promising me considerable returns in the future.

I hate MLM business and anything that has to do with referring people before I could make money. As it stands, that is the only viable way to make a substantial amount on Crowd1. I counted it as my loss (at least for now because I haven't made any money on Crowd1 after investing $800) until I met a family friend who told me about a business opportunity he joined. He has been making some profit from it every month. He told me I wouldn't become a millionaire after two months, but assured me of making some few thousands of dollars as profit every month. 

I knew nothing about bitcoin and thought it was all a scam.

Before I met my friend, I knew nothing about BITCOIN and thought everything about bitcoin was a scam. I never knew that what I dreaded will turn out to become my primary source of making money.

When he told me how he makes good money every month from bitcoin, I became sceptical about his source of money because I didn't trust cryptocurrencies. After about a week, I decided to make more enquiries from him about bitcoin to see if it is something I can develop an interest for. To my uttermost surprise, he told me he is not close to being a guru when it comes to bitcoin, that what he uses is a software that helps him do all the trading. Software? I got more interested in knowing more about this new system of making money online, and he opened his laptop to show me some of his earnings from this software. At that point, I was dumbfounded. He makes between $7,000 and $10,000 every month by spending just a few minutes daily checking the software. 

I decided to take the bull by the horns

The name of the software and the company that runs it is called BITCOIN PROFIT.

Even though I knew nothing about Bitcoin, I was stupid enough to believe my friend when he said I don't need to be an expert to earn money from bitcoin. Moreover, since all I needed was to deposit a little money and the software will trade for me, I decided to give it a try. Luckily for me, I was able to make about $150 as a profit in 3 days. Honestly, you'd be right if you think "The Doubting Thomas" was my great grandfather. I still wasn't sure of the $150 I made in three days and thought I will never be able to withdraw the funds.

What did I do? I decided to keep reinvesting the money for one month before trying to withdraw everything. At the end of the first month, I was able to make a little over $7,000, which was a massive step for me in making extra income online. I applied to withdraw my funds, and within 24 hours, the money landed in my account. I have been using this software for the past three months now, and the experience has been excellent. 

I hope they are still accepting more people to use the software. You can visit their official website to see if there are available spaces for new people to join.

Here's a screenshot of my earning for last month month:

Please note that what you make every month will vary because it involves trading, but the least I made in a month was $3,470, which was still a significant addition to me.

You can visit the company's official website to register for free and try it out to see if it's something for you.

You don't have anything to lose.

I decided to try Bitcoin Profit because there was nothing to lose. You can withdraw your deposit anytime you like, and the process is straightforward. The company has representatives that will call you and explain further how to get started with the process. You can decide to join if you like it or opt-out if you are not cool with it. I am sure you will make money with this system; that's why I decided to share with people who invested in Crowd1 but haven't gotten what they deserve yet.

The three steps involved in using this software include:

  • Create an account for free - Anyone can do this, and it doesn't take up to 5 minutes to register.
  • Make a little deposit - The software will trade with the money you depost. But you have to pay a fee of 2% of your profit, which I think it's still a win-win for anyone. (Note that you can withdraw your initial deposit whenever you want, and it will be returned to you immediately).
  • Withdraw your funds - This typically takes less than 24 hours for your money to land in your account.

I hope they still have spaces to accomodate more people to use the software. You can use the link below to see if they are still accepting people.

Click here to visit the official website and register for free.

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