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A Young Lady Lost Her Life To Cancer. Her Obituary Advice Has Gone Viral

Picture of Bailey Jean Matheson Smiling

This is the story of Bailey Jean Matheson, a young lady who lost her life to cancer. She got the information from her doctors that she had just 2 years left to live. At this point, she started living her life to the fullest and during the process, she learnt so many things about life. She wants everyone to learn from it and do same thing.

“Living for just 35 years may look too short for a person, but I couldn’t ask for more because it was amazing for me!”

That was a tip of Bailey's obituary advice. You know, it’s easier for you to craft out your own obituary if only you know when you’ll die. Bailey took out time to write hers before she lost the battle to cancer at age 35.

Bailey was from Canada. Dying at a young age coupled with the touching advice and messages she passed to the world made her obituary go beyond Canada, getting to the rest of the world.

She wrote, “There is more to live than to worry about little things you probably can't do anything about.” This was followed by a picture of hers smiling.

Picture of Bailey Jean Matheson Smiling
Picture of Bailey Jean Matheson Smiling: A young lady who lost her life to cancer
Courtesy Julie Carrigan

She took out time to appreciate her parents for supporting her throughout the most difficult period of her life and allowing her to do what she deemed fit for herself. When she told her parents that she won’t be going through chemotherapy, they obliged and allowed her to do whatever pleased her within the short time she had to live. She’s the only child of her parents, and as a parent, you know what this means to you.

She didn't ignore her friends' effort and contributions in her life, acknowledging that they stood by her even at the toughest times.

“I have always cherished my friendship more than anything because I have never had siblings of my own. I never thought I could love my friends more than I did but going through this and having your unconditional love and support is extra-ordinary.”

Julie Carrigan, one of her friends, went on by saying Matheson didn’t want to bore people with her obituary, but just wanted to pass a message to everyone she loved.

Julie continued by saying that although it may sound weird, the cancer looked like a blessing in disguise to Matheson. At this period, Matheson came to realize that every day of one's life shouldn’t be taking for granted. You have to do what you need to do and enjoy every moment of your life as each day comes by.

Strange Stomach Pains

According to Matheson’s boyfriend, Brent Andrews, she (Matheson) spent her live in Halifax, and had been doing pretty fine health-wise until one certain day when she started having stomach pain. They met each other in 2016 via a dating App. Just after 3 months of dating, the sad news of cancer came into the picture. She wrote little about it by saying she felt for her man because it wasn't anybody's wish to experience such a short-term wonderful relationship.

At the initial stage, it was difficult for the doctors to diagnose her problem because of her ambiguous symptoms. It was when she noticed an unusual growth on her abdomen that the doctors had clues to what the problem was. Matheson was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in January 2017. This is a kind of cancer that affects the muscle tissues.

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, the actual cause of leiomyosarcoma remains unknown. Carrigan described Matheson condition as “winning a bad lottery.”

According to Andrew, after a series of radiation, the doctors seemed optimistic about the whole situation but the hope was dashed after the tumult refused to shrink. Considering the fact that a surgery will be too risky for her, she didn't consider it at all. She also rejected chemotherapy because she believed the side effect would be too much for her to bare. She was informed by her doctors that she had just 2 years to live.

“She believed that if she had opted for chemotherapy, those two years given to her would be in pain and she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed her moment. Instead, she decided to live her life as it pleased her and it was worth it,” Andrew said.

She spent her short time to the fullest by traveling to 13 countries, including Ireland, U.S.A., Norway, England, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia, France, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and St. Lucia. She got the privilege of seeing Coldplay, her favorite band twice during this short period.

A young lady who lost her life to cancer
Picture Of Matheson And Andrew In Spain: A young lady who lost her life to cancer
Courtesy Julie Carrigan

Andrew noted that because she knew she was going to die, she did quite a number of things that her heart desired. He (Andrew) went on to describe her as the most amazing and considerate person that has ever crossed his path.

Before she died, she had been receiving counseling from a cancer center during her ordeal. After she passed on, Andrew sought for counsel from experts because the grief was too burdensome for him, but it happened that Matheson had already made plans for that with her counselor.

“It was a thing of joy to spend the last phase of my live with an amazing man. All the adventures, appointments, laughs, cries and breakdowns were wonderful,” she added this in her missive.

She must be smiling wherever she is now knowing that her last advice on earth is going viral.

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